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Booking (expired)

for the Schools Conference

(30th July - 7th August, Part A, inclusive of Part B)

Conditions for Participation

The schools conference is for up to 300 participants from organisations which either fulfil or support the criteria of the "International Democratic Education Network" (IDEN):

We will therefore ask applicants to give a brief account of their relationship to these criteria.

School students and recent leavers

In addition we want to insist on a quota of 50% young people (still at school or having just left) - applications from adults will therefore have a lower priority.

Anyone or any organisation that does not yet fulfil or support these ideals in their work, but nevertheless is interested in the IDEC, is invited to the public conference (Part B).

Conference Fees

The conference fee will include conference documents and full board and lodging for eight nights. Most of the sleeping places are beds in group tents in the park where the conference is to be held.

There are graduated fees:

300 EUR
Children (under ten years old)
150 EUR
Students of democratic schools/organisations
220 EUR
Solidarity (we want to help people from disadvantaged regions by voluntary additions to the standard fee)
Silber350 EUR
Gold400 EUR
Platin> 400 EUR after discussion with us, and with particular acknowledgment
Early applications (by which we hope to increase the security of our planning)
Until the end of February270 EUR
In March280 EUR
In April290 EUR
We would like to receive - prior to registration - an email to with a precise description of your needs and how much you would like to receive. We will then answer personally. See newsletter No 3 point 1

Cancellation Fees: If registered participants withdraw, there will be a cancellation fee. This will be 50% until July 1st and thereafter 90%.

Requirements as regards content for prepared contributions

We distinguish between a) lectures, seminars and workshops and b) presentations of their own practice by schools (posters).

a) Lectures, seminars, workshops

and similar contributions should fulfil the following conditions. In this way we hope to raise the quality of contributions and to be able to make sure the conference is not only better prepared but also better documented.
For each contribution we request:

b) Presentations by schools/organisations

The participating schools will be asked to bring a metre square poster with them (see Programme page). These posters will be displayed throughout the whole IDEC, in part A as well as part B, and should make it easier for participants to make contact with each other.


Final Declaration

We are planning to end the IDEC on August 7th with a written declaration. This final declaration should consist of a short position statement (what is democratic education and why do we support it?) and some of our hopes and/or questions. In this way we want to open the exchange of ideas about education to society in general. Participants declare their fundamental agreement with this proposal.

We are also asking people to join in with the improvement of our draft proposal, which will be made available through our newsletter.

Culture and sports programme

Please do not forget to bring songs, musical instruments, examples of your local culture and ideas for sports of all kinds.


As at previous IDECS, we would like to organise an auction. For that we would like to have souvenirs and characteristic articles from all over the world.


The registration form follows. When you have submitted it, please wait for confirmation that your application has been accepted. In this confirmation you will also be told how to pay your conference fee.

Guests who want to visit schools/projects in Germany after the conference should notify us by using the last input field.

I would like to make a definite booking for the IDEC 2005 in Berlin. I fulfil the above-mentioned conditions.
First name *
Family name *
Gender male female
Year of birth *
Name of organisation
(For groups only) Name of the group leader
Address (street, street number, zipcode, city) *
Country *
Telephone number *
E-Mail address *
Language(s) *
Connection with democratic schools / democratic education (short explanation) *
If you want to make a personal contribution: topic (short explanation)
Price 300 EUR (Standard)
150 EUR (Children below 10 yrs)
220 EUR (Students of democratic schools/organisations)
350 EUR (solidarity - silver)
400 EUR (solidarity - gold)
above 400 EUR (solidarity - platinum)
290 EUR (Early booking - April)
Special price already individually agreed (see above)
Proposals for the conference
General remarks / special requirements
Democratic Schools
- a film about the desire to learn

Demokratische Schulen
- Ein Film über die Lust zu lernen
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IDEC 2005

IDEC 2005 Resolution
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