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We distinguish between Donations and → Sponsorship.

1. Donations

Donations of all values are very welcome and will be gratefully accepted. Our charitable organisation "Netzwerk Spiel/Kultur" is supported principally by donations.

For donors we have prepared the following "catalogue" or list of choices. In this way it will be possible to support a particular part of the IDEC. People will be able to see how useful their contributions are, and what they will be used for.

Of course → sponsors can also make choices from the followng list; their names will appear in the programme; in text for up to 100 euros, with a logo for up to 200 euros, with a 1/16 page advertisement for up to 500 euros and 1/8 of a page for up to 1000 euros.

For German tax-payers we can give confirmations of charitable donations.


If you would like to donate towards a particular part of the conference, please put the number you are supporting in the first box, fill in the rest of the form and send it off.

NumberDescriptionCost per item
1 x simultaneous translator for half a day
(we are reckoning on two sessions in the Humboldt University)
850 EUR
1 x contribution towards travel costs for participants from third-world countries
(we can be more specific about this on request)
500 EUR
1 x two hours in the cinema at the FEZ
(we are planning to have a film every day)
100 EUR
1 x one day's use of a seminar room
(We have booked 14 rooms for five days at the FEZ)
76 EUR
1 x meeting in the concert hall
(we are planning two meetings each day)
37.50 EUR
1 x one hour of support from a FEZ technician
(not yet decided, but at least twenty hours each)
18 EUR
1 x one hour of support from a FEZ staff member for general administration
(not yet decided but at least twenty hours each)
18 EUR
1 x hour FEZ technician for film projection
(two hours a day for six days)
18 EUR
1 x one computer for one day at the FEZ
(there are eight computers needed for seven days)
10 EUR
1 x subsidy for registration fee - public conference
(for students)
50 EUR
1 x subsidy for registration fee - schools conference
(for students)
100 EUR
Email address:
I need a confirmation of charitable donation
I am transferring the amount to the following account:
Netzwerk Spiel/Kultur
IBAN: DE45 1001 0010 0685112100
(in Germany: Kto. 685112100, BLZ 100 100 10 Postbank)
Purpose: donation for IDEC 2005
I am paying by PayPal ( to
Netzwerk Spielkultur
I am sending a direct debiting mandate. I am printing out the necessary → declaration and will complete it and send it by fax or post to the given address.
Please contact me about means of payment.
I will come along to Dunckerstraße 11 (10437 Berlin, Büro der KinderRÄchTsZÄnker K.R.Ä.T.Z.Ä.) and pay in cash (personally on Wednesdays between 17.00 and 20.00 - at other times into the letterbox.)

After you have sent your donation you will receive an acknowledgement by email.

Of course we will also welcome support in kind, such as

We are setting no limits to your imagination. Of course you can also make direct contact with us about individual needs and ask us questions.

Telephone: +49 (0)30 4039 3340
(Contact:: Mike Weimann)

2. Money-raising tips for participants

Here we offer a collection ideas put together by Dana Bennis and Isaac Graves from the USA for IDEC 2003. Schools and individuals may perhaps be able to fill the gaps in their finances by these means.

→ Ideas for money-raising.

3. Contact

Bank account

Netzwerk Spiel/Kultur
IBAN: DE45 1001 0010 0685112100
(in Germany: Kto. 685112100, BLZ 100 100 10 Postbank)


We can also accept money by email, via PayPal:

Netzwerk Spielkultur


Please do not hesitate to contact us. We want to make it easy for your to become involved with IDEC 2005 in Berlin. (Mike speaks English fluently. - The translator has put this in, because he thought it might be important to say)

Mike Weimann
IDEC 2005 Berlin
Telefon +49 (0)30 4039 3340

Democratic Schools
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