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The thirteenth International Democratic Education Conference is coming back to Europe for the first time for six years and for the first time ever to Germany. We are expecting to welcome people working in schools, school students, scientists, educational planners and other experts from more than twenty countries, of course including Germany.

Democratic Education

The concept of democratic education is not yet widely known in Germany: the school students themselves decide what they want to do and the school rules are decided and enacted by the students and teachers working together on equal terms. International experience shows that young people leaving schools of this type are not only more successful but also happier - even while they are still at school. Democratic schools are based on the idea of human rights, which should be valid in every school.

The value for sponsors

International relations

Sponsors will come into a direct relationship with internationally famous personalities, authors and decision-makers. They will have the opportunity to make contact with young people who learn in a fundamentally different way and can talk about modern, forward-looking concepts of school from their own experience. This can be extremely useful to authors, film-makers and publishers, for example, but also for existing schools and educational organisations, as well as associations.

Access to media and politics

Within the framework of our press and publicity work, sponsors will have access to forward-looking journalists and mass media, as well as to German politicians dealing with education.

Contact with trendsetting educational organisations

And not least, sponsors will be supporting a development that is only beginning in Germany. Anyone who supports the idea of democratic schools and educational organisations from the beginning will be able to profit from this mutual exchange for a long time.

The recent launch of the English Secondary Students' Association in London was supported by The Minister of State for Education, the Trades Union Congress, The Association of Teachers and Lecturers, The Times Educational Supplement, the National College of School Leadership, the Phoenix Education Trust, Changemakers, EdComs, UnLtd, The Carnegie Trust and others.

"Official Sponsor of IDEC 2005, Berlin"

All sponsors can describe themselves as "official sponsor of IDEC 2005, Berlin", and so make their social and political ambitions publicly known.

Sponsors can support the conduct of the IDEC in concrete ways, which cannot be financed by the conference fees. In particular it is possible to sponsor the participation of people from the third world, who cannot come to Germany without help. Government offices and foundations give only limited support.

We have put together a few sponsorship packages, from which you can choose. We would be very grateful, if you would involve yourselves in IDEC 2005. Please direct any further questions to our contact:

Mike Weimann,, Telephone +49 (0)30 4039 3340

"Human rights" sponsorship: 30,000 euros

"Democracy" sponsorship: 15,000 euros

"School" sponsorship: variable contributions, see list above

Please choose a school from the list. The sponsor takes responsibility for transport and the conference fees for the given number of students and teachers who cannot come to the IDEC without financial help:

(Please contact us for further information!)

"Individual participant" sponsorship: about 1000 euros

In this way the sponsor promotes the participation of a teacher or a student from a democratic school, who could not come without financial help. The exact details we will give to each sponsor when we have made contact.

"Supporter" sponsorship: variable contributions

Lastly sponsors are also invited to choose from the possibilities listed in the section on donations. As described there, your name or advertisement will appear in the programme, in a size proportional to your contribution.

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Bank account

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We can also accept money by email, via PayPal:

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Please do not hesitate to contact us. We want to make it easy for your to become involved with IDEC 2005 in Berlin. (Mike speaks English fluently. - The translator has put this in, because he thought it might be important to say)

Mike Weimann
IDEC 2005 Berlin
Telefon +49 (0)30 4039 3340