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The IDEC in Berlin will take place in two places - at the Wuhlheide Recreation Centre (Freizeit- und Erholungszentrum - FEZ) and at Humboldt University in Berlin.



FEZ, which was originally the East German "Pioneer Palace", is an enormous building in a wonderful park. In this palace we will be able to use the theatre, a cinema, a concert hall and many small and middle-sized seminar rooms. Internet connections will be at our disposal, the estate has its own natural lake for bathing and there is even a narrow-gauge railway, which goes through the park.

During the conference there will be a big FEZ holiday program of events going on, so we will not be alone. On the contrary everyone, particularly the younger participants, will be able to get an impression of what German school-holiday projects are like, and to take part in them.

Meals we will probably organise in the open air, with marquees in reserve for bad weather.

All participants can sleep in the grounds. There will be small bungalows available for some participants, but the great majority will be in group tents with camp beds (for six or eight people.) We can use the showers at the indoor swimming-pool in the FEZ, which will be being renovated at the time.

The FEZ is very close to an S-Bahn station (about ten minutes on foot). The journey into the town centre takes 19 minutes to Alexanderplatz, or 31 minutes to the Bahnhof Zoo.

→ Link to the FEZ website.

Humboldt University in Berlin

Humboldt University 1
Humboldt University 2

Humboldt University in the heart of Berlin will be available to us for the public meeting on Thursday and Friday. It is at the same time the oldest university in Berlin, and extremely modern; it is known as "the mother of all modern universities." We are honoured to be allowed to open the IDEC in the main building in Unter den Linden, which is only a few minutes away from the Brandenburg Gate, the famous Berlin monument. We will have at our disposal the maximum auditorium, other very beautiful halls, various seminar rooms and also the grounds. We will feed the particularly large number of IDEC participants in this part of the conference either in the dining hall or in the courtyard in the open air.

→ Link to the Humboldt University website.